Sewing Tips: Right or Wrong Side?

Just a quick tip today! This was something I learned in a quilt class many moons ago, but it’s still something I use all the time.

All. The. Time.

When you’re sewing with a tone-on-tone fabric, especially in light colors, sometimes it can be darn near impossible to tell which is the right side of your fabric until after it’s sewn into a quilt.

If you’re working with a light background, and you’re not sure which side is up, hold it against your pant leg. Seriously.

right side
See how clear the concentric circles are in this picture? That’s the right side of my fabric.


wrong side
And….no more circles. This is the wrong side.

Truly, if you think it’s going to bother you later, take a couple of seconds during your piecing to make a pant check.

What did you learn early on, or recently, that has made all the difference to your sewing?

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