Row By Row Design!

We’re so excited! This summer we’re going to opening our doors to our first SHOP HOP, the multi-state Row By Row Experience.  The event runs from July 1 – September 2, and quilters can bring in their finished quilts for prizes until October 31 (check their website for more information about that!)

One of the best parts is that each participating quilt store is responsible for designing a free row pattern. You, the excited traveler, get to pick up a new pattern at each store that you visit. At the end, 8 of these rows get pieced together into one awesome, memorable quilt. The rows are themed by season, so you could have a quilt dedicated to a single season or spanning an entire year. Your call!

Since our piece of Oregon shines in the fall, that’s the season we decided to work with. Never having designed a pattern before I’ve been scouring Pinterest for autumn and fall quilt designs. We want to include Mt. Hood for some regional pride, and I’m wondering when the salmon run… That could be fall-ish. What do you put in your seasonal projects? What makes you think of fall in the Northwest?

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