Quilt Qwazy Queens! National Quilting Day + GIVEAWAY

Hello friends!

Our lovely host Marian, blogging at Seams to be Sew, noticed that this year is the 25th anniversary of National Quilting Day. (I also am 25. Coincidence? You decide).

To celebrate, she rounded up a lovely blog hop of quilters and sewers from around the web and didn’t assign a new creation, but rather a celebration of what quilting means and has meant to us in the past.

I started quilting when I was 9-10 years old. We did a hand sewing project in fourth grade during our unit on the Oregon trail (migration from the East coast of the United States to the West coast), making little dolls like the pioneers. If I had a picture I would show it to you, but I’m also sort of relieved that I don’t have a picture of this. These were not aesthetically sophisticated dolls.

However, my teacher noticed that I enjoyed it so much that she recommended quilting to me. I took my first class at a quilt store down the street from where we’re located now, where I made my first doll quilt. That I do still have, and my cat is a big fan.

At this point, Mom, who is a sewist but not a quilter, thinks I may be on to something. We signed up for a block of the month class together as a special time together, and the rest is history!

And now for the giveaway! These prizes were generously donated by Calibre Arts and AnyPattern.

We have an 18″ x 24″ self-healing cutting mat provided by Calibre Arts, sent via an Amazon coupon code. In some cases, you might have to pay shipping for it through Amazon.

self healing cutting mat

Our other prize is an ADORABLE applique pattern from AnyPattern.com. Happy Cat has taken over your chair, and she has no problems with that. Not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous of the winner on this one. I have a lovely calico lady – who recently made a bid for my dad’s chair – and I’m going to have to get this pattern for myself.

cat applique pattern

Comment below for your chance to win! We’re closing the giveaway after 24 hours, but we would still love to read your comments if you join us after then.

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78 comments on “Quilt Qwazy Queens! National Quilting Day + GIVEAWAY

  1. My kids didn't sew in school, but they did draw quilt blocks (also in fourth grade) when they learned about the underground railroad. I didn't know National Quilt Day has been celebrated that long!

  2. what a wonderful journey in sewing/quilting. thanks for sharing. wow i give your mom so much credit. my mom was also the one that encouraged and sewed right along with me, helping me to reach beyond.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  3. I learned how to sew at school but my mother was not a sewer so it stayed there. I got involved with quilting about 10 years ago.


  4. Many of us sewed at a young age, but did not quilt. It's a skill that comes easily either way. Cat blocks are a great addition to Touch Quilts.

    The pop-up stymied me. I don't subscribe often, preferring to add blogs on the side bar of my blog to read from there so I don't have a mailbox full to go chase. Thanks for getting it fixed.

  5. Great story. I love the cat. Are all cats alike? I pretend to start to sit on my cat she will not move unless I lift her!! Big baby! Thank you for the inspiration. janie(dot)mccombs(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. I wish I had started quilting early like you, so that I would have had so much more accomplished by now, but I had my nose stuck in a book – another obsession my quilting grandmother whole-heartedly endorsed!

  7. Your pop up was following me down the screen, but I refreshed the page. When it came up again, I just closed the window with upper right part of the window.

    I love the idea of making those little dolls for the Oregon Trail, that is so awesome. Thank you for this giveaway and the blog hopping!!

  8. I wonder how many people got their real love of sewing from Home Ec classes. It is a shame that they gave them up in most schools. They taught so many important things for life.

  9. How lovely that you and your mom kind of got started with quilting together! And you're still doing it. That's how I feel after 50 years, too. There are still things to be made, patterns to try! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  10. I have enjoyed visiting today, thank you for sharing your story. I am new to quilting, about 6 years but have been sewing since home ec. many years ago.

  11. 25! Yeah! So glad to hear younger peeps are catching onto this! My daughter is 27 and is co-sharing the blog we have. I have to say she is much better at quilting that I am. I have been quilting on and off for 27 years! Thanks for your story! So encouraging!

  12. I hated sewing in school, couldn't sew a straight line. As time went I did a little bit of sewing. About 5 years ago I started quilting, and it has kept me going through numerous health problems. Cdahlgren at live dot Com

  13. I hated sewing in school, couldn't sew a straight line. As time went I did a little bit of sewing. About 5 years ago I started quilting, and it has kept me going through numerous health problems. Cdahlgren at live dot Com

  14. Had a hard time finding how to comment!!! Not good. Anyhow, I love it that you and your mom started sewing quilts together and continue to do so. Thank you for sharing your story. lynnstck(at)yahoo.com

  15. I learned to sew in Home-Ec Class, in Jr.High… Am learning now to Quilt, with my two grown Daughters! 🙂 Is a Special time when we can be together…much fun, laughter & snacks!!! lol

  16. My mother is a wonderful seamstress. But at the age of 40 I am just now learning to sew. She had a difficult time taking over projects for me as a child, and I probably didn't show much interest. dawnm1993(at)gmail(dot)com

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  19. Oh I love the kitty in the chair pattern! And I really do need a new cutting matand would love to try out a new kind!! Thanks

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