Holiday Table Runner

OK, yes, I know it’s not “technically” even Thanksgiving yet. But we crafters have to think in advance, and that goes double for retailers, so I get a pass, right? I like to think so, anyways.

The truth is, I’m not very good at seasonal decorating (probably because I’m just not all that good at decorating). It shames me to work with all these pretty fabrics, in an industry surrounded by incredibly inspiring and talented people, and realize that I don’t show off my skills in my decorating.
This year, I decided to take the holiday season firmly in hand, and to that end I put together this nifty little table runner.

It was also an intellectual exercise; I wanted to see if the pattern (which is originally written for yardage in yellow, red, and brown batiks) could be adapted to work with a Christmasy charm pack.

There wasn’t really a lot of adapting involved, since the pattern called for 5″ strips. I had to lay things out carefully, though, to try and group coordinating colors together as much as possible. In the end, I did use a white scrap from my stash, just to add one more white square. I could have used a leftover charm block, but that would have made an even scrappier look. If you wanted too, though, that would definitely be an option! Ohh! OR, you could make that chevrons out of coordinating fabric, and have a scrappy background. The best part is, it took maybe 2 hours from cutting it to sewing the final row together. I was trying to decide how to finish it off, and I think I’m gonna dust off my free-motion quilting foot. 


It’s finished! (This is a blog-worthy event, folks).

I traced my stencil design with an air erase marker, set up my free motion quilting foot, and then spent half an hour picking the stitches out. Actually, in the end, I really like the straight line stitching. It really enhance the “diamond” feel of the runner. I also experimented with a higher loft batting than I normally use – it turned out light and fluffy.

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