First Shop Hop of the New Year!

We tend to measure time by New Year’s, birthdays, and anniversaries, but how about by shop hops?

OK, laughing aside, I’m serious.  Because somehow, it has already been a year since the last Snowflake and Stitches Shop Hop.

Last year at this time, we were scrambling to get a block together and make sure that the store was somewhat staffed, while visiting my sister in the hospital with her double pneumonia and mono.

What a drama queen.

Fortunately this year, we’re much closer to healthy (although I still have a touch of my earlier bronchitis. Ew.), and we have – what I think – is our cutest block ever. Read that, Ev-ur.

Here’s the basic 6.5 inch block:

patchwork heart

We practiced more of the improv piecing I mentioned earlier this week, and reverse appliqued a heart over the top. Watch this blog for more about reverse applique soon! I learned about a new method I want to share with you.

As with other Stitches Shop Hops, you get a free pattern for this block, AND the fabric, just for coming in the door on a shop hop day. Yay! Every participating store designed their own 6.5″ block, and there are setting instructions for a small finished throw quilt.

Or, you could take those blocks and put them together into the projects that each store designs to go with their block! We added a border, some birds (naturally), and an itty-bitty quilt square. The kit has all the fabric you need for the front, back, and binding, for $8.


What do you think? Are you going to make the cute little projects, or hold out for the quilt? Or both? We’re going to hit as many stores as we can on Monday, during our off day.

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