Finger Pressing

I wasn’t going to devote an entire post to my finger pressing tool, but it comes up in so many other posts that I have planned that I just couldn’t short change it.

Every once in a while, you get to claim that something is your “favorite” tool. For my dad it’s his level. For my mom, it’s her 3″ x 8 1/2″ ruler (or her tape gun).

For me, it’s this little guy right here.

We got it for our bargello class, on the teacher’s recommendation. I was prepared to be underwhelmed, and in fact, I didn’t love it in that class setting. But I left it next to my sewing machine, which is where it lives to this day.

Behold my beautiful sewing station, replete with finger presser!

I spend a lot of time sewing at the store, working on samples or playing with new fabric (I know. I love my job). Sometimes – a lot of the time – I’m there working by myself, which means I can’t run down to the iron in the basement.

Enter: my finger presser. It works really well for small seams, and keeps me going until I get the chance to heat press it. So no, it’s not perfect, but it’ll take you a long ways.

Even if you’re not tied that strongly to one location while you’re working, the finger presser (OK, yes, I tend to call it my pressy-thingy) is handy during chain piecing, if you don’t want to stop what you’re doing for a full press.

I’m also using it on my Liberty Crown/New York Beauty quilt, which involves foundation piecing on fusible interfacing. It’s an amazing pattern, but how to get a flat seam without using using up the fusible part? The magical pressy-thingy.

This block, for example, was seamed entirely with my finger presser. This is one of my blocks from the Tula Pink modern sampler.


That little guy is from Tula Pink’s Modern Sampler book, which will be getting it’s own post, and class, very, very soon.

What tools do you find yourself reaching for all the time?

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