Fat Quarter Project: Pillows!

We get to take a break from Christmas this week (yay!).  Not that it isn’t a wonderful, cheerful time of year; it is. It’s just that back-to-back Christmas themed projects – or songs – can make anyone want to punch the head off a snowman. Right?  Right.

So for the sake of all the snowmen, this week we’re doing something else. We recently swapped out our window displays, and our previously Halloween window is now hosting our peacocks.

See? Ta da, peacocks!

We love the panel, and the table runner Kris made, but we wanted an example of a smaller project to go with it. Enter: the fat quarter pillows!

I used two contrasting fat quarters and a muslin backing, but two fat quarters would also make one pillow. I was going to do that, until I realized that cutting one single muslin piece would be much faster than piecing six yummy fat quarter pieces. I used this pattern by Diane Gilleland for the Spoonflower blog. I made a couple minor changes – for example, she uses a nifty template. I was in an excited rush to try these, so I decided to use the 60 degree line on my ruler instead. I decided to do an equilateral 8 inch triangle (8 inches on all sides).

Also….my chevrons don’t line up quite as nicely as Diane’s.  Part of that could be because I used a ruler instead of lining it up with a template, and part of it is because I used a fabric with chevrons that changed. I’ll need to try this again to see if I can pump up the impact, but it was incredibly easy. And I absolutely adore the fabric covered button.

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