Easy Window Valance

It’s been a while since I decorated my room. The walls are a bright sunny yellow, with curtains in a bright tropical, floral print. They’re wonderful curtains; cheering, and beautiful even on gray days. Plus, my mother made them for me.

Lately though, I’ve been thinking about a change. Since it seems less and less likely all the time that I’ll be moving into my own home, it seems that a new decorating scheme for my existing room is in order.

Ever since I saw these two fabrics together, I’ve been dreaming of a cute little valance.

Essential Dots

30s Yellow

Seriously. The first thing I thought of was a valance; explain that, if you can. Although I now realize that this might be a difficult coloring scheme to match to, I still think it would work in a cheerful kitchen or girl’s nursery (think Pink Lemonade. It works, right?)

Never having made a valance before, I asked my usual source (Google) for a pattern, and found these two.

Easy Valance – Blessings Overflowing

Pleated Valance

I prefer the look of the first tutorial. It looks like a short, gathered curtain, and matches what I think of for the word “valance”.  I like the multicolored look of the second tutorial, though. It sounds like a little mixing and matching is in order.

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