First Shop Hop of the New Year!

First Shop Hop of the New Year!

We tend to measure time by New Year’s, birthdays, and anniversaries, but how about by shop hops? OK, laughing aside, I’m serious.  Because somehow, it has already been a year since the last Snowflake and Stitches Shop Hop. Last year at this time, we were scrambling to get a block together and make sure that […]

Fat Quarter Project: Pillows!

We get to take a break from Christmas this week (yay!).  Not that it isn’t a wonderful, cheerful time of year; it is. It’s just that back-to-back Christmas themed projects – or songs – can make anyone want to punch the head off a snowman. Right?  Right. So for the sake of all the snowmen, […]

Easy Window Valance

It’s been a while since I decorated my room. The walls are a bright sunny yellow, with curtains in a bright tropical, floral print. They’re wonderful curtains; cheering, and beautiful even on gray days. Plus, my mother made them for me. Lately though, I’ve been thinking about a change. Since it seems less and less […]