Bill the Bald Eagle

A fun announcement! We’ve started carrying patterns from the Funky Friends Factory , which is an awesome line of stuffed animals, made in cotton or fleece (or satin, I suppose. Can you image a pink satin elephant? But I digress). And they’re coming to us from Australia! Which is a great lot of fun.

Pauline, the designer, got to come to Quilt Market in the United States this year, and designed a bald eagle in honor of her trip! We got some of her eagle patterns with our first order.

So, I introduce to you, Bill the Bald Eagle.

I am pretty doggone pleased with how he turned out. The pattern has lots of letters and dots for matching that make the instructions super easy to follow, even if you don’t have any toy experience (like me). I admit freely that I did have to re-sew one seam; originally, instead of forming a nice tummy gusset, Bill had a large triangular growth in front. The finished result is much nicer.

His wings and legs move, and we took Pauline’s advice (in the pattern) and put batting in his wings and tail for stiffness. I kept forgetting to bring my safety eyes to the store, so I just sewed his eyes on in order to finish.

We put together kits for you to make your own Bill on Etsy and Darby Smart.

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