3 Online Quilting Classes You Want to Take

Raise your hand if you have a pile of unfinished quilts and naked quilt tops, just waiting to be quilted and bound?

Yeah, I thought so. Look around; that’s a lot of hands.

I’m half guilty. I get to make a lot of our samples for the store, and most of them languish at the finished-top stage.

But the goal of quilting is to end with a usable quilt/wall hanging/bag/table runner, right? That means it’s time to move these unfinished projects along. To that end, here are the 3 Craftsy classes I’ve been taking to get started with free motion quilting. And yes, before you ask – I do all of my quilting on my domestic Brother sewing machine. That’s my workhorse, and I would be glad to sing its praises to you. Call me.

asian quilt

Today, though, we’re talking about these 3 classes. None of these links are affiliates, these are just classes I’ve taken that were useful.

Free Motion Quilting a Sampler with Leah Day

This is my favorite for a solid starter class. This is where I would start (it’s where I did start), and she has excellent tips that don’t assume any prior knowledge. She has a great tip for making a generic free motion foot more helpful, and she also introduced me to the supreme slider. The slider is a silicone sheet that covers up your feed dogs, and helps the quilt glide smoothly. Since I quilt with a domestic machine, anything that reduces bunching is great by me.

The focus of this class is beginner tricks, learning basic patterns, and putting them together to quilt a sampler quilt. This is a nice focus, since you don’t have to try to quilt an allover design on a small machine; it’s much easier when the designs are broken up.

Machine Quilting Negative Space with Angela Walters

negative space

This class has more patterns and filler ideas, and focuses on quilting the “negative spaces” of a project (generally the background). For example, the blank space around a Christmas tree.

Angela shows how to practice the designs onchristmas tree paper, and then she demonstrates stitching them on her long-arm.






Wild Quilting: Creative Free Motion Combinations with Christina Cameli

wild quilting

When you’re starting to feel more comfortable with the basic design staples (like pebbles and spirals), take this class by Christina Cameli! Christina shows different techniques for combining designs, and making the quilting another design element.  It is SO much fun! Even if you “only” doodle your ideas, it’s a great way to encourage your natural creativity.






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  1. thanks I do want to quilt my tops but not bold before.
    I am going to learn thanks to your encouragement.Just got my fabric by mail and am so happy with the quality and originilty I want to get to know you more thanks again

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